I’m Not an Angry Mom

Have you ever happened to glance in a mirror during one of your “monster mom” moments? Scary huh? Hands clenched, face all red, and your lips. . . where did they go?

Here is the thing, practising your TM is the perfect way to slow down and be able to accomplish your goals without stress.

The catch is, TM must be prioritized. It is one of the great habits that through practice and repetition can become second nature.

Mom tips:

1. Transcendental Meditation is very important–it allows the mind to shift and within seconds achieve a state of calm and confidence to face your challenges.

2. Use your inside voice–yelling makes everyone feel defensive and angry. Try to lower your voice so that you sound stern but not angry.

3. Give your self a Time-Out–there is a reason why you use this tool to manage your kids’ temper tantrum. Find a quiet place, pretend to go to the bathroom.

“When I started meditating I had a real anger in me and I would take this out on my first wife. Two weeks after I started meditating, this anger lifted.”

David Lynch, filmmaker

Mom tips:

4. Call “slack”–everyone has a bad day. Rather than make a big deal of your kids mess up, let them know, correct the issue and then let the issue go. Don’t hold on to the grudge.

5. Take a shower–enjoy the heat as it pounds on your back. The hot water relieves stiff necks and shoulders. If you add lavender oil you can make the experience more luxurious.

6. Cuddle up with Fido for a few minutes. Dogs and cats are known to give comfort and calm. Your pet’s unconditional love and acceptance are very powerful.

Take Away: Improving your own well-being will allow you to be calmer when interacting with your kids.