British and Brazilian governments support TM in education.

Screen-Shot-2013-04-15-at-10.33.29-300x183The British government recently decided to financially support the “Maharishi School”, a pilot project for TM in education in England. The government has also provided funds to build several new Maharishi schools.

In Brazil, the Ministry of Education has decided to include Transcendental Meditation as a standard part of the curriculum in all of the country’s 38,000 public schools. About 30 million children there will learn TM in the coming years. As well, in Mexico and San Francisco the Departments of Education are now supporting TM in schools.

American Heart Association: TM works!

ahaThe American Heart Association recently published its report to doctors that the Transcendental Meditation (TM) technique has a positive effect on lowering blood pressure, and that doctors may prescribe the TM technique as clinical treatment for their hypertension patients. No other meditation techniques, including mindfulness, were recommended, due to insufficient proof of effectiveness. 

Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyneth Paltrow, who recently learned TM, announced on her website that she was selling a large portion of her wardrobe. The purpose: to support the David Lynch Foundation so that TM could be further promoted in education.

3,000 Buddhist monks learn TM.

Many forms of meditation are inspired by Buddhism. But in the east, many experts in Buddhism are practicing Transcendental Meditation. More than 3,000 monks in 100 monasteries in Southeast Asia have learned the TM technique. They enjoy the simplicity and ease of the technique and the profound benefits that it brings.

TM: The secret of success in a Thai Buddhist girls’ school.

Thaland-Students-300x199The Dhammajarinee Witthaya Free School is a Buddhist boarding school in Thailand. The school was established to give daughters of poor families the chance to get a decent education. Some years ago, the school introduced Transcendental Meditation as a part of the curriculum. More than 400 young school girls learned the TM technique and have noticed the benefits in their lives. Many of these children have a history of violence or sexual abuse. They tell how TM has helped them to overcome these traumatic experiences. Watch the video.

CNN: Conquering PTSD through TM.

cnn storyRecently a report appeared on CNN (watch the CNN video), discussing the effect of Transcendental Meditation on severe traumatic stress. TM turned out to be so effective in treating war veterans to help overcome their traumas, that the American Department of Veterans Affairs just released 2.5 million dollar to support further scientific research on TM. Norwich University, the oldest private military school in the U.S., has now made TM a standard element of its training.

Time Magazine: TM is good for the heart.

On November 14, 2012, the online version of Time Magazine published an article about an exceptional study that was done in collaboration with the U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH). The study followed 201 cardiac patients, men and women, over a period of 5 years. The group who learned TM had a 48% reduction in the overall risk of of heart attack, stroke, and death compared to the control group. The more regular the TM practitioners were in their practice, the greater the effect. (For irregular practitioners there was a decrease of 43%, for regular practitioners, there was a decrease of 61%). Read the full Time article .

Katy Perry to 25 million fans: Support TM.

katyKaty Perry, who, last year, was the first artist to match Michael Jackson’s record of five number-one hits from the same album, has sent a tweet on her birthday to more than 25 million fans asking them to support the David Lynch Foundation.

The David Lynch Foundation aims to make the Transcendental Meditation technique available to those who would most benefit from it. Katy has been practising Transcendental Meditation for two years and she says this is the best thing she has ever done to get more creativity, positive energy and peace in her life … Read more…

Oprah Winfrey Show creates an upsurge of interest in TM.

oprah-fairfield-300x205After the broadcast of Oprah’s show about the TM meditating community in Fairfield, Iowa, the American TM site got more than 200,000 visitors in 5 days. The 45-minute documentary showed an enthusiastic Oprah who was impressed by the whole community. Fairfield is famous for its low crime rate, the exceptional achievements of the Maharishi School, the advanced green technologies, a passion for healthy lifestyles, healthy food, healthy home design, and extraordinary entrepreneurship, having been recognized as one of the most successful small business communities in the U.S.

Raquel Zimmermann: Transcendental Meditation at the top of the fashion world.


The Brazilian supermodel Raquel Zimmermann has been at the top of the fashion world for several years. In a recent video, she spoke, completely naturally, without makeup, about what Transcendental Meditation has brought to her: about inner beauty, more orderly thinking, stopping smoking, and enjoying more of life.

U.S. School director of the year: “TM in schools is the best program I’ve come across in 40 years.”

james-dierkeAt a recent charity gala organised by the David Lynch Foundation in Los Angeles, Carlos Garcia, the recently retired superintendent of 20,000 employees in the educational system in San Francisco, made a passionate argument for the introduction of Transcendental Meditation in all schools across the U.S. Although many counter arguments were thrown at him when he first introduced TM as an experiment in schools in San Francisco, the results were so impressive that the experiment has now been extended to 4 schools and 2000 students, with another 16 schools on the waiting list. In his 30 year career, he had never before seen such results. Globally over 700 schools have introduced TM as a standard part of the curriculum.

Jim Dierke, school director of the first school in San Francisco to take part in the experiment in 2007, also gave a speech. In 2008 he received the title of “school director of the year” from President Bush, due to the extraordinarily positive transformation in his school. In this video you will first see Mr. Dierke, and then Mr. Garcia speak.

Here’s another video with testimonies from children who participated in the Quiet Time (TM in education) program.

Oprah discusses her experience with TM.

In this interview with Dr. Oz, Oprah talks about how she learned the Transcendental Meditation technique, and how she paid for all 400 employees in her company to learn TM. She relates the positive changes it has brought to her employees, and says that she is “a 1000% better person,” because TM allows her to regularly contact something that “is bigger than herself”. This has given her an entirely new direction in life.

America’s most famous doctor supports TM.

Dr. Mehmet Oz is a heart specialist, professor at Columbia University, and director of the cardiovascular institute in a prominent New York hospital. He is the author of six best-selling books on health; he has his own television show in the U.S., and he is a weekly guest on Oprah Winfrey’s shows. In 2008, Time Magazine placed Dr. Oz 44th on their list of the 100 most influential people in the world. In this video clip, Dr. Oz describes the benefits of TM in the field of cardiovascular diseases.

Maharishi School in England recognised by British Government.

After 20 years as a private school, the Maharishi School in Skelmersdale, Northern England is now recognized as a public school and therefore entitled to public funds. The main reason for the recognition is the spectacular results that the Maharishi School students achieve, year after year. In 2002, the Maharishi School ranked No. 14 of all the 4400 schools in England. Unlike all the other top schools, the Maharishi School has an open door admission policy. All other top schools can only retain their reputation by accepting the brightest students. The Maharishi School achieved its top status by developing the students’ full brain potential, (See brain potential.) and by creating the basis for the students’ success. (See success.)