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The Transcendental Meditation Technique – Feel Good Again

Would you like to:

  • Find deep relief from stress and anxiety?
  • Quiet your mind and experience more mental clarity?
  • Restore your inner peace and balance?

Then don’t miss the opportunity to hear about this easy and natural relaxation technique. Register today for an introductory presentation.

What Women Say About Transcendental Meditation

ellen2“It gives me this peaceful, peaceful feeling and I love it so much.” Ellen DeGeneres, Talk Show Host
katy_small“It is one of the most important tools I’ve adopted in my own life” Katy Perry, Musician
katy_small“TM is my way to recharge the battery” Arianna Huffington, Journalist
“ I can work smarter not harder – that is what TM has done for me” Marnie Abramson, Business Woman

What Doctors Say about the Transcendental Meditation

“I can get 48 – 66 % improvement in heart disease with TM” Dr. Suzanne Steinbaum
“If TM were a pill it would be a billion dollar blockbuster” Dr. Norman Rosenthal
“This meditation we believe can help a lot of people” Dr. Mehmet Oz
NancyLonsdorf2“The Transcendental Meditation technique is time taken truly for one’s self, our quiet blissful inner self that is the source of our creativity and energy.” Dr. Nancy Lonsdorf


Free info seminar. Limited seating. Select your centre on the map at the bottom of this page to reserve your seat.

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Why You Should Attend an Introductory Presentation

TM is a simple natural technique that is absolutely effortless. It requires no concentration, no controlling the mind, no monitoring of thoughts, no trying to “empty the mind” Anyone can do it, even children with ADHD. Not only that, it has been proven effective for stress, anxiety, clarity of mind, and more. And now, you can learn more about it.

The introductory presentation will review the many benefits that can be gained from practising the technique which include:

  • Gaining deep relief from stress and anxiety
  • Improving heart health
  • Boosting brain function and memory
  • Creating a more positive state of mind.
  • Feeling whole again

You will also learn

  • How TM works
  • What happens to the mind and body during TM that creates such profound rest
  • How TM is unique and how it differs from other forms of meditation
  • Why anyone can do it
  • Why it works right from the start
  • Where TM comes from
  • How the technique is taught and how to register for a course.

DebLawless_200x200“TM has given me a renewed outlook on life. I have been practising TM for a short time and already my quality of life has dramatically improved. I can’t remember the last time I had an anxiety attack. The deep anger that stayed in my system day after day has ceased to be. TM has helped me to overcome the darkness that once surrounded me daily. TM has given me the hope that I had been looking for, an end to the debilitating symptoms of PTSD. I finally feel peace inside. Debra Lawless, former psychiatric nurse, Port Coquitlam.

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