We all experience challenging moments that make us question our next steps. We have to start again. Whether you are debating about getting married, find yourself unemployed in your 40s, getting divorced, pregnant, getting a puppy or buying a house—we have to start again whether we want to or not. As we grow and mature we face many situations that require us to make decisions that allow us to evolve.

Practising TM allows us to discover deeper aspects of ourselves and our potential.

We gain greater clarity that helps us make good choices.

Releasing the things that brought us status in the past is hard to do, even if they no longer meet our needs. Many of us join women’s groups that support our personal growth. It’s wonderful to be surrounded by women who want to see you happy and encourage you to do things you never thought you could.

When you get fulfillment from practising TM, you will naturally pursue greater goals in life. Checking in with your TM teacher or attending a group meditation allows you to be surrounded by women who also want to realize their value and their potential. They too establish deeper connections to those who want to release fearful thoughts and self-imposed limitations.

Many women report that after practising TM they feel reminded of their unlimited potential.

Remind yourself of that feeling by creating post-it notes with affirmations and sticking them on places that you visit regularly like a bathroom mirror or the fridge.  Or, use an app or smartwatch to send yourself personalized inspirational messages. Its is also always appreciated when a loving friend or family member sends you an Instagram quote or just a friendly message.