Imposter Syndrome

Here is the perfect scenario. You found a job you like but didn’t think you would get. When you get hired, you are surprised but attribute the opportunity to luck. Then you get promoted, and then again. You feel like a fraud, that you haven’t earned the promotion. You start worrying that its only a matter of time before your boss learns of your incompetency and fires you.

What do women with Imposter Syndrome look like?
They look like you and me.

Transcendental Meditation (TM) is a tool that helps you manage chronic self-doubt or feelings of inadequacy. The challenge is that when you who feel like an imposter, your anxiety, stress and depression can increase. This is because your worry about making mistakes and failure overshadows your recognition of your efforts and success. Practising TM normalizes the stress response—your anxious response does not overwhelm the positive moment.

Every woman deserves to experience the benefits that TM brings: deep relaxation, sharper thinking, more energy and positive emotions.

Recently Kristen Bell and Katy Perry shared why they choose to practise TM.

“It’s [TM is] just a way of focusing your energies. That you are not constantly at the beck and call of any regrets you might have about what happened in the past or unnecessary fears and anxiety you might have about what might be going on in the future that takes you out of the moment.”

Kristen Bell

“In that meditative space I’m relieved of the constant thinking, the constant fear, the anxiety of being alive and not feeling like I’m good enough, the ongoing terror of death that lurks like a specter.”

Katy Perry