Entrepreneurs often report that Transcendental Meditation (TM) is a valuable tool to increase their productivity.

The start-up phase of any organization is a time of disruption and constant change. Girls are being encouraged and sponsored to consider ‘being their own boss’ and women are being motivated to join boards. With government grants and municipal support, it is easier than ever to start a new company.

There is a lot of momentum among today’s young creators and innovators eager to change the conversation and create new ways of doing business. One of the most successful Canadian shows is Dragon’s Den, where budding entrepreneurs pitch their business ideas to six extremely successful Canadians in the hope of securing financing and/or partnerships.

Being a young founder is really challenging. One one hand, you don’t have the baggage of experience but on the flip side, it’s tough to learn via trial-by-fire. The roller coaster of excitement and fear is what pulls millennials to the entrepreneur lifestyle.

Change and growth for a woman entrepreneur is an hourly activity.

Transcendental Meditation helps entrepreneurs manage the lack of control and ambiguity they feel on a regular basis. Women business owners quickly realize that TM helps them become more self-aware so that they can control their emotions and reactions. It also leads to improved and more streamlined decision-making.

TM allows entrepreneurs to discover their greatest insights.