Moms are the true Jacks of All Trades. Being a mom means that we are constantly teetering between different professions: banker, chauffeur who makes sure to drop off on time, advocate, cleaner, gardener, just to name a few.

The demands are high as we listen to small and big problems; act as the social director for play dates, extracurricular programs and parties. We definitely are “masters of oh so much”!

Transcendental Meditation (TM) is especially important for mothers because kids are sensitive to their mothers’ stress. Studies show that when a mom is overworked, anxious or depressed, her children have higher stress too.

School time calls for us to summon all of our skills and to test our patience to find the right back-to-school items, clothes and do it all within our budget.

Despite our hard work and determination, we may still experience meltdowns but we try very hard! By the time the first day of school arrives our heart swells as we take back to school pictures and proudly show them off on Facebook or Instagram.

Improve your well-being by regularly practising TM during your “Me Time”.

Let’s admit it, we are not always as poised as we want to be during the back to school process. More and more Canadian moms are finding TM to be an effective way to avoid burnout and exhaustion. We can squeeze in TM when the baby is napping, during piano lessons or in our driveway before returning home.

Here are a few reasons we need TM:
• Helps us rest
• Improves our concentration
• Makes us more productive
• Enhances our relationships with our family