It’s incredible, but no matter our generation, our work or our home-life, we women are always wrestling with what is our calling, our truth.

What we value and who we are often guide our choices in life. Why is having a sense of purpose important to women?

Our purpose is where we find meaningwhat we want to do and how we contribute to our world.

Our purpose gives us joy and drives us to great or small achievements. It is reflected in the content of our lives. Content is what takes most of our attention and how we define ourselves.

When we think about what consumes our days we think about our roles and relationships: daughter, mom, partner, wife, granddaughter. We consider our careers: neurosurgeon, environmentalist, entrepreneur, politician, or judge. We include our emotional and mental health. We are made up of our inner thoughts and external experiences, of our past actions and our aspirations for the future.

Be good to yourself

Learning TM gives us a sense of appreciation for who we are.

It’s natural to aim to be better. We all go through many stages in life, assume many roles and discover our purpose is a proactive process of continued self-inquiry, experimentation and self-discovery. The deep rest enjoyed when we practise TM allows us to recognize who we are and to be our true self without expectation or judgment. And here is the great secret—finding our true self is the basis of finding purpose and satisfaction in life.

TM gives our lives meaning and clarity on what’s important vs. unimportant