I Love To Sleep

What is the circadian rhythm?

It’s a scientific term for your internal clock that regulates your sleep/wake cycle. This inner timekeeper rules your eating patterns, hormones, along with your body temperature.

Most of us are guilty of over-riding our body’s natural need for sleep. We always have a great excuse: work, a TV show, hanging out with friends, taking care of a baby, studying for a test, even flying (especially if there is a time change).

What we may have not been aware of was that by forcing ourselves to stay awake we were also triggering the release of stress hormones such as cortisol. Cortisol works to suppress the immune system–ugh!

Here is the good news: Transcendental Meditation allows us to get deeper rest which in turn resets our circadian rhythms. Practising the TM technique increases serotonin level spontaneously and reduces the level of stress-related hormones.

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