What’s your Why

Defining the reason why you have chosen to focus on your health and well-being is really important when you are trying to create a new habit. The clearer the reason for your focus, the easier it will be stick to the routine when challenges arise.

I want to react positively to my children’s messes so that I can enjoy my family time.

I am always taking care of everyone, I need ‘me-time’.

I want to be more creative and focused at work.

My blood pressure is too high and I want to find natural ways of being healthier.

You know you and what is your motivation for action. Be straight with yourself , write it down and stick it somewhere (or several places) where you will see your reason often. Put it in your calender as a reminder.

Post-it notes also work great. Reminder spots can be the front door, the bathroom mirror, or the tea cabinet – again, you know you.

You can also share your goal with your TM teacher and schedule regular checkings in the first few months.

If you are concerned about others seeing your goal, post your reason in areas that only you see ie. By your night guard. Be creative.

Your “why” may change over time or simply evolve.That’s okay. Keep checking in with your teacher, signing up for group ]classes and noticing the positive changes your new habit has on your quality of life.