What a crazy week: full of demanding tasks, deadlines on your calendar or meetings at your office, family demands and perhaps even a wonderful surprise from your partner!

Although it’s fair to want to meet your expectations, the fact is that many of us fall into the unfortunate cycle of trying to check off everything on our To Do List while overlooking our physical and mental health. If we forget to give ourselves adequate time to rest and recover, our the physiology will become imbalanced. Over time, repeated arousal takes its toll and a state of continual physiological and psychological arousal and tension results.

Scheduling 20 minutes twice a day to practise Transcendental Meditation (TM) allows you to enjoy all of your life. Discover a more creative, clear-headed, successful and stress-free you as a result.

Creativity comes from being clear-minded, calm and rested. The safe feeling a woman gets after she meditates is brought to the surface level of the mind after meditation; it replaces the nervous tension that so many had been relying on previously for stimulation.

Some corporations offer their employees Health Spending Accounts (HSA). Consider using your HSA on TM.

Other organizations that are focused on employee well-being offer TM as a corporate benefit. Ask your HR specialist.