I am a young professional in my thirties. I, unfortunately, suffer from chronic anxiety. So much so, that growing up, I was tagged with the nickname “stressed girl”.

Throughout my past, I have experienced many different forms of addiction, including alcohol. Alcohol was a form of self-medication and I used it liberally to calm me down.

Like anyone else addicted to alcohol, I searched for treatments that would help minimize my anxiety and help me feel calmer and more confident in my own skin. I have always been in search of inner peace.

My thoughts are extremely restless and despite my effort to do yoga daily, it does not calm the ‘hamster’ inside my head.

I tried several kinds of meditation, including mindfulness. The demands such as concentrating or the physical poses exhausted me physically.

Continuing my quest and research, I found testimonials and articles on Transcendental Meditation. The volume of feedback compelled me to reach out to my local teacher.

Wow! It was a revelation to find such a simple technique, requiring no effort and above all no belief with many scientific research studies validating its numerous benefits.

After attending an informative meeting, I decided to give myself this gift … and what a gift! Truly, TM is simple and effective. The benefits appeared immediately. I experienced calmness, reduction of stress, and awakening… I could breathe.

The learning process encouraged me to have group and one-on-one follow-ups with my teacher and quite frankly made all the difference in my experience. I was able to ask my questions in a safe place, fine tune my practice which I found motivating. I felt healthier.

I never thought I would be able to sit 20 minutes twice a day. In fact, the time flies by quickly and the intense energy that I experience is worth it.

This technique is simple, effective and it can be practised anywhere without accessories. That’s why it works and why it’s easy to persevere.

I feel grateful for having discovered TM.

Karine-Alexandra Labri,
Respiratory Therapist
Brigham, Quebec