Congratulations, you have a new baby! While this is a miraculous time of life, sleep might be a distant memory as you’re caring for your precious new bundle of joy 24/7. Because you’re facing a whole new world of experiences and expectations—not to mention physical exhaustion—getting enough rest may actually be the most important thing you can do for your child.

In other words, being a good mom means being good to yourself. Here are a few ideas for making that work.

  1. Accept all the help that is offered. If someone wants to make you a meal or organize for other moms to bring by lunches, say “yes!” If grandma wants to get involved or you can afford housekeeping help, go for it. You’ll want to spend all your energy in recovering from the tremendous exertion of giving birth and caring for your baby.
  2. A massage or two during postpartum can also help you recover from the tremendous exertion of the delivery. In many cultures, daily massage is considered essential for the new mother to let go of fatigue, soothe strained muscles and rejuvenate tired tissues. And who doesn’t feel pampered and nourished after a massage?
  3. Make rest a priority. Learn to take a catnap while the baby sleeps during the day and at night between feedings. Practising the Transcendental Meditation technique between nursings offers a deep power rest that can help you regain strength and let your body heal. Plus it’s a great way to calm the emotional jitters that can come with giving birth. As one mother said, “I was able to nap with the baby and also scheduled in my meditation sessions twice a day. By taking care of my own needs, I was a better, more loving mom.”
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