Travelling business women know that there are challenges linked to being away from home. Packed days, performance expectations, airport delays, jet lag, working lunches and client dinners do take a toll on your wellness routine. If you are a mom, scheduling homework and good morning calls are also on your To Do List. Work travel can be super stressful.

Work travel is by definition not routine; it jolts your wellness efforts. Frequent travellers recognize that committing to make yourself a priority is your only option for securing your productivity, focus and creativity.

Mastering the art of business travel does require three basic ingredients: the right mindset, running shoes and discipline. Having the right attitude and perspective is the key to managing your food consumption and exercise.

1. The Right Mindset:
Companies like Google, Goldman Sachs and Deutsche Bank offer meditation to their employees for reduced stress and boosted productivity. Practicing TM twice a day boosts your creativity, energy and helps with your stress. Sticking to your personal routine is soothing. It is also very portable and easy to practice alone.

One of the most powerful travel benefit of TM is better sleep.

2. Running shoes?
As road warriors, we may choose to prioritize our wellness last but working out releases endorphins that alleviate stress. Many hotels offer on site gyms but if the weather is nice consider mixing physical exercise with getting to know the area and going for a walk. If you only have 20 minutes, push the furniture aside and log on to an app like Nike Fit for quick workout suggestions.

3. Discipline:
Oh it is so easy to press the snooze.. just a few more minutes. Respecting your new routine is particularly difficult when jet lag is involved. Carving out your time and taking care of yourself can’t help but influence how upbeat/engaging and open you are which in tern invite positive interactions during your work hours.

Giving yourself the personal time to be healthy (exercise and meditate) is critical to your mood, productivity and focus.