Women’s Corporate Wellness

We help Canadians achieve their business outcomes

We provide companies & organizations with the Transcendental Meditation (TM) technique and other resilience workshops to help executives and employees overcome stress, promote health and attain high levels of performance.

Volume-based discounts are available.

Health Plan Coverage

The extended healthcare insurance plan you offer your employees may cover TM. Please consult with your benefits broker about Health Spending/Leisure Accounts and other options for reimbursement of your employee mental health needs.

Improve business performance

Build a great company culture

Reduce healthcare costs

Improve employee anxiety & stress

Convenient locations

With teachers across the country, encouragement, implementations and personalized training is close by.

TM & Continuing Education Credits

The TM course has been recognized and credentialed for 4 CEU by SOFEDUC. SOFEDUC’s continuing education unit (CEU) is a standardized recognition of continuing training activities that meet a real need for both individual professionals and their organizations.
*To find out if your organization accepts SOFEDUC credits, click on the logo on this page.

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