Find your TM Teacher


Info session by a certified TM teacher (1 hour)

You will find out:

  • Why TM is so effective for stress and anxiety
  • What happens during TM
  • Why anyone can practise TM
  • Why TM works from the start
  • How TM is different from other meditations

After the info session, you can have a personal chat with a certified TM teacher and schedule your
personalized TM training


Learn TM (4 Consecutive Days)

Imagine trying to learn a natural golf swing or the violin. You know how valuable it is for a good teacher to show you the proper technique. The TM technique is easy to learn but requires a dedicated personalized interactive guidance.

This step includes one-on-one and group instruction. There is no other way to learn the authentic TM technique.

  • Day 1

    Personal instruction (1-1.5 hours)

    One-on-one instruction in the TM technique with a certified TM teacher.

    TM Course Fee is required at this step.

  • Day 2-4

    At home or small group sessions (1-1.5 hours a day)

    Additional guidance and instruction on the TM technique are based on your personal experience.


Follow up session (1 hour)

  • Once you’ve learned TM you’ll have everything you need to meditate effectively.
  • During your first 12 months, we recommend that you continue to schedule your monthly group and
    personal meditation checkups.
  • Group meditation is a powerful tool for personal growth as well as being an opportunity to
    socially connect with other meditators.
  • Touch base with your teacher to make sure you are gaining the full benefits. This ensures that
    your TM is easy and enjoyable.

Free lifetime support

All of these are available at no extra cost if and when you want them:

TM Community of Women

You’ll be invited to advanced lectures, special events, group meditations, celebrations, online resources, and more.

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