The Transcendental Meditation Technique

Enjoy the success experienced by millions of women worldwide through their practice of Transcendental Meditation.
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Transcendental Meditation (TM) is an essential addition to every woman’s daily routine. TM is a technique to find stillness and strength within. It empowers us to live our full potential, to be a guiding light to our family, our community, and our world.

Here are eight ways you can benefit
from the TM technique:

Less stress

The unrelenting pressure of work and family can cause significant mental and physical stress. TM is proven to significantly reduce all forms of stress.

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Increased resilience to stress

TM not only reduces stress but also helps us build resilience to the stress we face each day. We are able to deal with stressful situations with ease and grace.

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Reduced anxiety and depression

TM helps reduce anxiety and depression by developing our inner strength and optimism. We are ready to face the world.

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Improved Heart Health

By reducing stress, TM can reduce the 3 major causes of heart disease: blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol.

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Greater self-confidence

Self-confidence is a cornerstone of success. TM boosts self-confidence in an easy, natural way.

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Increased self-actualization

When our consciousness is expanded, we not only see how to use our personal gifts and talents, but have the energy to attain our highest aspirations and goals.

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Greater happiness

Growth of consciousness means we are in contact with our inner being – at home with our eternal Self – the permanent source of happiness.

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Spiritual Awakening

With TM we experience an inner stillness permeating our mind and body and we feel at home in the world – a oneness with all of creation.

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“TM has helped me to overcome the darkness that once surrounded me daily. It has given me the hope that I had been looking for, and an end to the debilitating symptoms of PTSD. I finally feel peace inside.”

- Deborah Lawless, Vancouver, BC

TM is an easy and effortless technique that expands and develops our consciousness to its full potential. The benefits of TM are experienced right from the start in all parts of your life and increase over time.

“My view of TM is that it is better than the sunrise and the sunset.”

—Michelle Daines, Montreal, QC

Transcendental Meditation is unique among
other meditations today and here’s why


TM is easy to do

During TM, the mind easily slips into a silent, settled state. TM requires no effort—no concentration or control of the mind, no monitoring of thoughts, and no trying to empty the mind.


Enjoy the benefits right from the start

No need to wait years to become an expert. Right from your first meditation, you will experience deep rest during the practice and increased ease in your daily life.


TM instruction is individual

TM is not a “one size fits all’ technique. Instead, you learn TM one-on-one with an experienced, well-trained, and compassionate certified teacher.


No change in lifestyle required

Whether a student, a professional, a stay-at-home mom, or retired, TM will fit into your life. In fact, you will look forward to the twice-daily peace of meditation and the reliable boost of energy afterwards.


A lifetime of follow-up

With TM comes a lifetime of free follow-up. We are here to guide you as your experience progresses and to make sure you receive all the benefits TM can provide.


An authentic meditation

TM comes from the ancient tradition of India and has stood the test of time. TM is an effective way to improve mental and physical health and it has a profound effect on every aspect of our lives.



Over 400 peer-reviewed research studies on TM show the remarkable effect of TM on the mind, body, emotions, spirit, and environment,

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For a more in-depth look at why TM is unique, read our blog post: Are all meditations alike in method and results?

Feel Inner Calm Naturally

Through the relief from stress that TM brings, creativity blossoms and we feel a sense of balance, well-being, and happiness. Old habits are replaced by a healthier lifestyle. Even symptoms of hard-to-fix problems such as ADHD, depression, chronic anxiety, and PTSD are significantly relieved through the practice of TM When we rest, we re-charge. We see more. We feel more.

First, tend to ourselves, then tend to others. TM gives us deep rest and simultaneously expands our consciousness. We understand more, we discover surprising creative solutions and make the right decisions for success in life. Contact a TM teacher in your area to learn about the many benefits of TM and how they can improve your life.

“Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes, including you.”

—Anne Lamott, writer and activist

Expanding our Consciousness
Brings a Greater Appreciation of Life

Everything in our lives depends upon the quality and capacity of our consciousness. Expanding our consciousness brings greater success and appreciation of life. Our lives improve mentally, physically, emotionally, socially, and spiritually. We invite you to attend an online information session to find out if TM is right for you. Contact a teacher in your area to register There is no charge and no obligation.

“Dip into the Self and come out … then you will enjoy the world and let others also enjoy by
virtue of your presence among them.”

- Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, Founder of the Transcendental Meditation Program

Where do we start?

From right here! From where you are right now.

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“Stress is the black plague of the 21st century. Modern medicine has no way to prevent it and no way to cure it. The research shows that Transcendental Meditation reduces physical stress and improves physical health. But it also improves mental health and behaviour, performance and productivity.”

- Bob Roth, Executive Director of the David Lynch Foundation, TM teacher, author and speaker

An Impressive Body of Research

The Transcendental Meditation technique is supported by 40 years of research that shows sustained improvements in health, emotional growth, and behaviour and powerful, long-lasting reductions in stress.

Over 650 research studies on TM have been conducted at more than 200 independent universities and research institutions and have been published in dozens of peer-reviewed medical and scientific journals.

The US National Institutes of Health have awarded over $26 million to research the effectiveness of TM in reducing stress and stress-related illness, with a focus on cardiovascular disease. Findings have been published in leading, peer-reviewed scientific journals, including The American Journal of Cardiology and the American Heart Association’s Hypertension and Stroke.

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