You are invited to a free information session
on the Transcendental Meditation®(TM)® technique.

This info session is the preparatory step needed before enrolling in a course to learn TM. You can attend an info session in person or via one of the scheduled free online live webinars. Register here for your chosen date, or call or text

Jacqueline Benoit at 819-200-8250 find out when the next information sessions is.

If you can’t make it to a free info session, view our free

Online TM Info Video

What you’ll learn at a free info session:

  • What TM is and is not;
  • Why TM is so beneficial for a women’s success and well-being;
  • How TM is different from other meditations;
  • Why TM works for everyone and is so easy to practice;
  • How TM is taught, and why personal instruction is required.

If you have already attended a free info session or viewed the online video and would like to learn TM, call or text Jacqueline Benoit at 819-200-8250

Learn how TM can improve your mental, physical and emotional health. Sign up now for an information session:

Note: This is an information session only. If you have already attended an information session and are ready to learn TM call Jacqueline Benoit at 819-200-8250

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