TM Course Fee


A 4-day course of personal one-on-one instruction and small group sessionsup to 2 hours a day

A 6-month follow-up program to ensure maximum benefits

A lifetime of ongoing support and follow up including checkups, advanced meetings and group meditations

  • Adults – 5 monthly payments of $280 or one payment of $1400
  • Families/Couples – 5 monthly payments of $530 or one payment of 2650
  • Fulltime students – 5 monthly payments of $196 or one payment of $980
  • Children under 10 years – 5 monthly payments of $100 or one payment of 500

*plus taxes

Scholarships for seniors on government pensions, single parents on
assistance and individuals on disability may be considered on individual
circumstances. Payment plans are available. Please contact your teacher.

Health Insurance

Please check your plan, its claim procedures, the details required on receipts and if you need a physician’s script.

Your certified teacher will provide you with a receipt.

Employer insurance health plans/spending accounts differ in the financial coverage they provide for Transcendental Meditation.

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