This is a time of fear, anxiety, and even panic for most of the world. The current COVID-19 pandemic makes for an uncertain future. We are all worried about our health, the health of our families—especially our elderly parents or grandparents—our finances, our job security and our ability to get out and enjoy ourselves and be with friends. Social distancing and self-isolation are manageable for a few weeks, but the COVID-19 pandemic could last for many months making the future look very uncertain and bleak.

We have clear guidelines from Health Canada and local health authorities on how to best avoid getting sick, but beyond the dangers of the virus, we are also experiencing a pandemic of stress and anxiety. We need help with that as well.

A quick online search reveals a lot of good advice from mental health professionals. The most common recommendations include sticking to a good routine, staying in contact with loved ones and friends, eating properly and making sure you get regular exercise. They also recommend continuing with your at-home hobbies or getting involved in helping others through caremongering or similar activities. And while it is important to keep up with the latest developments of the pandemic, we are reminded that it’s good to take a break from the news now and then.

But in addition to lifestyle choices and helping others, there is more we can do to reduce stress and anxiety. Practising the Transcendental Meditation (TM) technique is a very easy and effective way to calm the mind, reduce stress and improve immunity.

TM Creates a State of Mind and Body that is the Opposite of Being Stressed

The Transcendental Meditation technique produces a state of functioning that is the opposite of your body’s stress response. During the practice of TM, the mind very easily and naturally settles down to experience a state of deep inner calm. At the same time, the body experiences profound rest, much deeper than ordinary relaxation. The result is relief from worries and reduced stress and anxiety, even in uncertain times.

The benefits of TM on our health have been researched extensively. Published studies show that TM:
  • reduces our level of stress hormones
  • increases our resilience to stress,
  • lowers our blood pressure
  • decreases our risk of heart attacks
  • strengthens our immunity

This last point—that TM strengthens our immune system—may be the most important. While there is no magic bullet to bolster the immune system overnight so that we are protected against the coronavirus, TM can help improve our immunity over time. Click here for a more detailed explanation of how that happens.

During the next few weeks and months as we navigate our way through these unprecedented times, we should do all we can to keep a positive attitude and to keep our bodies healthy. TM for Women is here to help.

TM is taught one-on-one, in a safe socially distanced environment with at home or small group follow-up. Click here for more information on how to learn