Our lives feel like we are running 24/7. If it’s not dealing with the dog, your partner, dry cleaning, kids, oh yeah, we can’t forget work. Just thinking about all our responsibilities can be overwhelming… yet we do them. “Me time” naturally gets skipped. Yet evidence shows that “Me time” improves our productivity.

Here is the thing, practising your Transcendental Meditation (TM) is the perfect way to slow down and be able to accomplish your goals without stress. TM must be prioritized. It is one of the great habits that through practise and repetition will become second nature.

Happy meditators shared with us some tips :

  1. Plan for doing your TM after you shower.
    You are already alone and clean. Once you finish your TM your reward is immediate–you will feel focused, energized and ready to start your day.
  2. Long commute?
    Take a ride-share such as Uber, Lyft or a taxi. The key is to find a seat with decent back support. Read how Gisele Bundchen meditates in the back of taxis. https://www.wmagazine.com/story/gisele-bundchen-meditates-in-taxi
  3. Use your company’s Quiet Room
    Quiet Rooms are intended to fulfill employees’ physical, spiritual and religious needs. They are multipurpose spaces that are used to get relief from stress and over-stimulation.
  4. Local Chapters
    If you are on the road early in the morning and a Chapters/Indigo is on your route. . . consider popping in. Indigo/Chapters are quiet places and open early. It is easy to find privacy.

  1. Starbucks or other coffee shops
    Those of us that work from home often choose a coffee shop as our office. Choose a quiet corner to reduce the movement around you.
  2. Spend 20 minutes in your car
    After a traffic-packed commute home, instead of rushing in the door, take your time to practise your TM.

The result: increased happiness and pleasure in your life