First of all, congratulations! You’ve undertaken a truly life-changing goal and reached it. Now you have one more hurdle to conquer, and I wish you all success in that endeavor.

Certainly the Transcendental Meditation technique has been used by athletes to improve strength and endurance. A study of world-class athletes’ brain patterns and other mental characteristics revealed that much of their success can be attributed to high levels of brain integration, self-development, moral development reasoning, and the ability to have peak “in the zone” experiences. It happens that these are all qualities that are shown in research on people who practice the Transcendental Meditation technique.

These same kinds of effects have also been documented at Norwich University, the oldest military college in the US. When one platoon learned the TM technique, they outperformed others in strength and endurance challenges.

President Richard Schneider, Rear Admiral USCGR (Ret.), recalls that “within four or five weeks, the kids who didn’t get the training were complaining that the other kids had an advantage over them.”

Within 90 days, the platoon that learned TM was outperforming the control platoon in every measurable functional area. This included not only strength and endurance, but measures of depression, anxiety, and stress and significant improvement in constructive thinking, behavioral coping, and resilience.

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