You have celebrated your graduation from university and landed the seemingly perfect job. You cannot help but be excited and a little nervous–after all you know that first impressions are so important. The world seems full of possibilities.

Like all new adventures, a new job requires a substantial amount of preparation and then a steep learning curve.

Own it and plan around it so you don’t feel any damper on your success. Realize that you are going to need a technique to address the long work hours, learning to work with new people, or commuting to a new destination.

It’s also possible that you had higher hopes for the job than it actually can provide.

Here are some tips you can use to help you get more satisfaction out of you job:

  • Establish goals–know what you want to achieve
  • Challenge yourself–try to do add extra value to the job you do or complete it under the deadline
  • Don’t be invisible– make sure people know the contribution you are making
  • Ask questions and listen–learn as much as you can about the project you are working on or the direction of your organization
  • Do something kind for a co-worker–this will help to forge closer work relationships
  • Communicate with your boss/manager–this will make sure you are both on the same page
  • Be optimistic–and communicate that to others
  • Take pride in how you look–a sharp image will project a positive impression of yourself
  • Explore–find new ways to get the job done

The bottom line is you need to stay engaged with your work and your company

Focus on you. People gravitate to happy people. Embrace your happiness and your mental health.

Consider practicing the Transcendental Meditation technique first thing in the morning and at the end of your work day. TM is one of your habits that has the power to brighten up your day. How?

TM reduces fatigue, stress, depression, anxiety, improve emotional well-being and well as increasing brain power. A 2014 article published in the Permanente Journal reported on a study that measured the effect of TM on workplace stress and burnout. This study evaluated the effects of the Transcendental Meditation technique on psychological distress and burnout among staff at a Vermont residential school for students with severe behavioral problems. A total of 40 secondary schoolteachers and support staff were randomly assigned to either practise the Transcendental Meditation program or they were assigned to a control group who did not learn the practise.

Analysis of the 4-month intervention data indicated improvements resulting from practice of the Transcendental Meditation technique compared with controls Results with the TM group showed a significant reduction in perceived stress, depression and overall job burnout.

Don’t let stress ruin your career. Adding the restful practice of TM to your daily routine may be all you need to take control of your job, and your life.

“For me, the simple secret to having a fulfilling day is to be able to set out each morning feeling settled, dynamic and happy. Once this condition is established, everything naturally flows and gets done without effort–the day unfolds like a string of little miracles. This is the benefit I receive daily from Transcendental Meditation practice.”—Joanne Hollander, Founder and President, So Yummi Foods Inc., Montreal