TM is a simple, natural, effortless meditation which is practiced for 20 minutes twice a day while sitting comfortably with eyes closed.

In the TM course, you learn how to effortlessly transcend — to go beyond the surface level of your awareness to experience the quiet, powerful source of consciousness within your own being.

This natural and effortless dive to the deepest level of inner silence, or transcendence, is an experience unique to TM.

TM is the only meditation that is:

  1. Effortless & Natural – Anyone can do it.
  2. Immediate – People typically experience results from their first TM meditation.
  3. Systematic – TM can only be taught by certified TM teachers in a course that is carefully personalized
    for each individual.
  4. Authentic — TM comes from an ancient tradition that was brought to the world by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi over 60 years ago; TM has since been learned by more than six million people worldwide.
  5. Reliably Effective – Over 900 published research studies show the dramatic, positive effect TM has on personal health, on personal mental and emotional well-being, and on society in general.
  6. Spiritually Satisfying – From the rested state of being that TM provides, people report that they have greater spiritual awareness and satisfaction with life.

What happens when I meditate?

While practicing TM, the mind and body gain deep, restorative rest, much deeper and of a different nature than deepest sleep, as shown by indicators such as reduced cortisol and plasma lactate (major indicators of stress). The healing rest gained in each sitting of TM allows emotional, mental and physical stress to wash away, improving every part of our lives. As well, our personal TM practice has a field effect, in which we radiate peace and coherence to our immediate environment, making us an instrument of peace for the world.

How to Learn TM:

Transcendental Meditation cannot be learned from a book, video, or website. Our certified teachers are experts at teaching this deep meditation and making sure you get the best results. The secret of our students’ success is our in-person, one-on-one instruction and free lifetime follow-up, both of which ensure maximum results.

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